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Mountain biking in the Ridnaun/Ridanna Valley in South Tyrol

Enjoying sports in the splendour of nature

A mountain-bike holiday at the Hotel Schneeberg – Family Resort & Spa in Ridnaun is a guarantee of variety-packed mountain bike tours for every level of ability. Whether your are looking for a demanding uphill with high elevation gain, adrenaline downhill or smooth rides in the Ridnaun-, Jaufen- or Eisack Valley, your stay at the Schneeberg hotel will guarantee you a top mountain bike holiday.

If you love doing mountain bike tours but you do not want to take your own bike with you…
… No problem: near our hotel there is a hire shop where you will surely find the MTB the best fits to you.


Martalm - Gewingsealm - and back

Easy tour to the “Martalm” (24 km - 850 m. elevation gain -2 ½ h)

This mountain bike track is pretty easy until the mountain pasture. For the second part, to the alpine pasture “Gewingesalm”, bikers need to be fit and have a certain level of resistance (400 m of  elevation gain for an  8,1 km track).

Starting from the Schneeberg hotel parking place, in Maiern, leave the hotel at the left side and after 100 m turn left to take the paved road towards the “Martalm”. At the next crossroads keep right and continue on the paved road to an alpine farmstead.  Overcome the forest bar and continue towards “Martalm”. The hut is also a rest stop where you may have a nice break. The return begins with the downhill to the last crossroad, from there you may ride straight on to avoid the same path you did uphill. After 400 m you will find  to the right the crossroad to “Gewingesalm”. This last part requires again some strength and endurance. Those who prefer a smoother track may choose the path left in direction of the Schneeberg hotel.

Moarerbergalm – and back

Mid difficult tour  (13,8 km – 700 m elevation gain – 1 ½ h.)

A MTB tour of average difficulty, for trained bikers. The road twists and turns on a nice ground till the old “Poschhaus”, near the old miners` village of St. Martin. It would also be worth walking up per the didactic path to the “Kaindljoch”.

The starting point is the Schneeberg-Ridnaun Mines Museum. From the bar you ride uphill on the paved rod. Do not feel discouraged: the path begins very steep, but after 800 m it gets flatter. At the bridge keep left and follow the signs towards “Moarerberg”. Behind the walls of the “Poschhaus” " (2.112 m.) turn right and continue for 200 m till the refuge Moarerberg, where you can have some rest to regain strength. For the return just take the road from where you started, not far from the Schneeberg hotel.

* for centuries the “Poschhaus” has been a farm house where minerals and grains were stored after the strenuous transport over the Schneeberg  Pass or the Sand Pass. By that time workers and horses used to stop at the Poschhaus to rest. Its original name was "Kastenwirtshaus".