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Ridnaun Valley

Day-trip destinations in the holiday region of Ratschings/Racines

The district of Ratschings embraces the valleys of Ridnaun/Ridanna, Jaufen/Giovo and Ratschings, and offers an outstanding array of excursion destinations for the whole family.

Nature & mountain

Starting directly from the Schneeberg hotel in Ridnaun you explore the beautiful nature of South Tyrol by a nice walk, a demanding hike to one of the near alpine huts or refuges in the Stubai Alps. The most popular destination in Ratschings are among the others:

Gilfenklamm (waterfalls in Stanghe)
The waterfalls of Stanghe is a particular natural monument located at the entrance of the Ratschings Valley. The waterfalls have dug a deep gully through the white marble, making of this monument something unique in Europe. The waterfalls can be reached by a pedestrian path that goes through the gully. It is a well prepared path with an elevation gain of 175 m that allows even children to go up, , you will need 45 – 60 min to walk up and 40 min for the return. Open from early May to late October.

Burkhardklamm in Ridanun (waterfall)
A majestic natural monument at the end of the Valley. Starting from Maiern you will reach it by a 45 min walk on a nice panoramic path. The relatively easy walk offer the visitors several opportunities to raise their gaze and enjoy the astonishing view offered by the Stubai Alps. By overcoming the several bridges one can admire the immense nature strength expressed by the mighty gurgling water. Opening times: every day from early May to early November.

Culture and architecture

In the immediate surroundings of the Schneeberg hotel in Ridnaun there are also other monuments that are worth visiting:

Castle Reifenstein
Built in the year 1100, Castle Reifenstein stands upon a rocky hill in the Upper Eisack Valley, near Vipiteno. Throughout its history the castle has never been conquered nor destroyed. It is therefore considered one of the best preserved fortresses in the whole South Tyrol.

The baroque Castle Wolfsthurn in Mareit
It is the only baroque castle in South Tyrol. Some years ago it has been turned into the local museum for hunting and fishing. During a visit in the castle you may admire precious dioramas, paintings, weapons, beautiful tapestries and pieces of furniture that belonged to the nobles von Sternbach.
Open from the 1st of April to the 15th of November.

City walk

The medieval atmosphere city, once of the noble house Fugger, has become a renown shopping paradise. One of its highlights is surely the Christmas Market.

A Romanic, gothic and baroque spot in South Tyrol. Located in a wonderful position, this ncie city invites you to walk through its streets. During his summer holidays in South Tyrol, the Pope spent 2 weeks in the episcopal city of Brixen.

The regional capital is the crossroad of different cultures and the cornerstone of the South Tyrol economy. Bolzano is also famous for hosting Ötzi, a 5300 years mummy perfectly preserved.