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Snowshoe hikes

There aren’t many things that make a day unforgettable, but a snowshoe hike in the snow-blanketed Ridnaun Valley is certainly one of them. Explore the untouched nature as you walk atop the crisp white snow, marvel at the fairytale surroundings and witness the beauty of a winter’s countryside that would be inaccessible in any other way.
The winter walks off-piste are hugely popular in winter. You can decide for yourself whether you would rather head out on your own or on a guided snowshoe tour with an experienced guide. You will find all information on snowshoe tours and guided snowshoe tours here at reception.

Attention: your may hire the snow shoes directly at the hire shop “Rent & Go” near the hotel. The price for snow shoes and poles is 5 € per person.

Alpine pasture “Wurzer” in Ridnaun

3 h walk, 8,7 km long tour, 550 m elevation gain
This is the right tour for a half-day excursion. Starting- and arrival point: ski-lift station in Gasse. From here you start snow shoeing, following the path nr. 24 to the “Taljörgele” till you reach the hut, take then the path 23 and 25 to get back to the starting point.